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In this post, I’m going to help you find Last Minute Dog Halloween Costumes And Safety Tips that are the best ever!

Last Minute Dog Halloween Costumes and Safety Tips. Ideas where to buy quickly or handmade ones in a jiffy
Last Minute Dog Halloween Costumes And Safety Tips

Fall (Autumn), What a wonderful time of the year. Don’t you agree?

There are beautiful fall leaves to look at and a holiday that everyone loves, including your pets ( we think they do anyway haha).

Yup, I’m talking about Halloween.

It’s a great time to have a little fun dressing up and pretending we are someone different or something different for the day. We usually spend a lot of time trying to figure out who we will be dressing up as and then realize we forgot we still need a costume for our dog because well, they’re family too.

Our dogs should join in on the fun too!

Don’t you agree?

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Last Halloween I dressed my English Bulldog up as Woody from Toy Story using one of my kid’s old costumes I had.  I love the fact that I can reuse costumes if you don’t have old costumes lying around.

Don’t panic – I have ideas for you on how to come up with a simple last minute dog Halloween costume.

Halloween Pet Safety

But, First, before we address the costume ideas.

I want to mention about the safety of costumes and Halloween in general.

I think it’s important to not go overboard with the costumes, so your dog doesn’t feel restricted and uncomfortable, some dogs won’t want to be dressed up at all – so if that is the case get a fun, Halloween themed bandana or bowtie and call it a day.

Their safety and health are way more important, and we do not want to cause them any amount of stress that could lead them to have health issues.

Also if you have them out trick or treating or in a Halloween parade with the kids be aware of any falling candy, the kids might be dropping, especially chocolate( that is poisonous to dogs).

Add a safety light to their collar if you’re out with them in the evening. We need to keep our pups safe, just like we do with our kids.


Last Minute Dog Costumes

You can purchase a costume, or you can DIY it yourself and like I said if you have an old costume lying around that’s even better. Let’s keep it simple – there is no need to go out and spend a lot of money.

Where To Buy Dog Halloween Costumes

Places to buy Halloween costumes are all over.

Walmart, Chewy, eBay, Target, to name just a few, but for last-minute dog costumes, I would look at Amazon and use their prime membership for their two-day shipping.

If you don’t have a prime membership, it is well worth it to sign up now especially since we are heading into the gift-giving season.

They have cute dog Halloween costumes ideas that won’t cost you much at all.

The following are some you will love and that your dog will be comfortable wearing.

Ideas For Homemade Pet Costumes

Now if you need to come up with a last minute dog costume in a jiffy.

Take a minute and look around your house.

Be creative, we all have items we can find laying around to make a great dog costume out of. Honestly, in my opinion, it is better than going out and spending money on something your dog is probably only going to wear for a short time.

Here are some ideas that come to mind, oh, and an excellent alternative for dogs that don’t want to wear costumes.

  • If you have a brown sweater or t-shirt and white tape you could transform them into a football.
  • Find some construction paper or any heavy-duty paper cut into a shape of a heart, color it red and put the words Ty on it in white with a little yellow star then hang on their collar. Then you have a Ty Beanie animal ( the all so popular beanie stuffed animal back in the day.)
  • Find an old sports jersey and make them a team player.even an old t-shirt would work take a sharpie to add some numbers and name.
  • Make your pup an S’ more, all you need is a white t-shirt, brown felt or brown construction paper shaped to look like melted chocolate glue onto the white shirt then add a square cut out of cardboard on top of that for the graham cracker. Ha! This is one of my favorites; it’s just so cute.
  • If you have a yellow t-shirt or sweater glue some cut out heart shapes for eyes and cut out moon shape for mouth and then you have yourself an emoji heart face.
  • A Halloween themed bandana or bowtie will be just as festive.

Dogs and Halloween

I hope this post showed you that Last Minute Halloween Dog Costumes and Safety Tips is something we can all accomplish when we are short on time or money and that our dog’s safety should be the first thing we think about to keep them happy and healthy.

Last Minute Dog Halloween Costumes and Safety Tips. Ideas where to buy quickly or handmade ones in a jiffy
Last Minute Dog Halloween Costumes and Safety Tips

Until next time.

Have a pawsome day,

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